For 43 extraordinary years, Robert Lang Studios has provided a magical and state-of-the-art environment for recording artists to call home.

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From the early Northwest sound of the Sonics and 15 year old Kenny G, to Nirvana’s final studio recording, to today's finest musicians like Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Robert Lang Studios continues to expand, create and inspire!


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis


Dave Matthews

Foo Fighters


Death Cab for Cutie


Sir Mix-a-Lot



To everyone here at Robert Lang’s: Thank you for making such a magical place.
— Dave Matthews
The studio that changed my life forever. I wouldn’t be me without you.
— Dave Grohl
To All at Robert Lang Studios, thanks so much! The 1st two tracks of my new cd sound fantastic!
— Peter Frampton

Wherever you are in the recording process we've got you covered.



The process of capturing the sound of your instruments. This is where we set up microphones and you play your music. Once you are done tracking you have audio files to work with, and you will be ready to start mixing.

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For projects that already have audio files to work with. Mixing is fine tuning everything in a song by setting volume levels, using EQ and compression, and a slew of other effects and tricks to get your project sounding its best.


The final step, it takes place after mixing has been finished. Mastering boosts overall volume and clarity, making it a professional, competitive, radio ready hit!

Nestled 20 minutes north of Seattle, with stunning views of the Puget Sound as a backdrop, is the legendary Robert Lang Studios.  Here, some of our greatest moments in recording history – from Peter Frampton to Nirvana to Alice in Chains to The Foo Fighters and Death Cab for Cutie - converge with today’s premiere musical artists like Macklemore and Ryan Lewis to create a majestic environment.


This Unruly Mess I've Made


Death Cab For Cutie:

Narrow Stairs

The Presidents of the United Stat...


Death Cab For Cutie


Foo Fighters


Sir Mix-A-Lot



You know You're Right

 Peter Frampton



Foo Fighters

Sonic Highways


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