Surround yourself with 40 years of music history while learning the art and science behind audio production.

The world famous Robert Lang Studios has opened its doors to students starting in the Fall of 2018. Each of our 3 studio spaces are fully equipped with the best analog and digital gear to make professional quality music from start to finish. Many of our Staff Engineers are also our instructors, and are embedded in the Seattle music scene, which means your networking starts on day 1. Our program is structured for students to understand and respect the studio environment, as well as develop an understanding of how to best use the spaces and tools available to make their career in the studio industry. Each student that completes the coursework of our program will receive a certificate of completion and potential job placement opportunities at the discretion of instructors. Students who do well in the program may be offered assistant positions on studio sessions. Previous students have earned credits such as platinum records for the Kesha song “Praying” and “Downtown” by Macklemore, both of which were completed in part at Robert Lang Studios. The RLS Academy offers an education style that traditional institutions lack- real world studio experience from the moment you step in the door. Our hands on approach is paired with traditional coursework to make sure students understand decisions, and have made them in real time by graduation.

Tuition for our program is $15,000 per year. Payment options are available.

Applications are now being accepted for the class of 2019.

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