Robert Lang Studios is selectively enrolling students for our recording program. With six platinum, ten gold and two Grammys, this is an amazing place to learn. Not only will you get hands on training on our SSL and all analog gear, but Pro Tools training as well. This is a very focused training program and as an added benefit, you will be credited with seven days studio time to bring in your own project upon your completion. Days normally run at $850 per day, so this is a great deal. Why spend upwards of $40,000 to sit in a class room with thirty people for a year and a half only learning theories of how to record when you can do it at a fraction of the cost and have no more than six people IN THE STUDIO learning how real recording is accomplished. We are very particular with the individuals we accept as we want to produce the best of the next generation of engineers and producers. For more information or to set up an interview, email, or call us at (206) 542-1041.


Studio 101


First you will learn proper studio etiquette and the essentials for assisting a recording session. It might sound strange, but the little things probably matter the most for top producers. Board, mic, cable and gear maintenance are a must if you want to be successful. We will focus in on physical properties of sound, acoustic principles and basic techniques for recording sound in the studio and in Pro Tools. You will also learn all applications of cables, connectors and soldering. Selection, use, set up and proper microphone techniques with the top mic locker in the Northwest. An overall focus of the music industry including who the decision makers are, how to market and distribute your music and how to actually make money at it.




Analog Technology

Mixing and editing techniques in analog- SSL 4048 E with 12 channel API sidecar. Basic and advanced mixing, signal flow, routing, time code, patch bay routing and problem solving. Focus on various instruments and practical application. Use of sends, returns and plug-ins. Configuration, navigation and automation. MIDI- Recording, editing and practical applications. Practical application of all outboard gear and use, maintenance and aligning of Studer 2� and ATR �� tape machines. Yes people still use tape!!!





Pro Tools

Students will use Protools 8.0 and Pro Tools LE software to create and run their sessions. Edit voice narration, music and sound effects. Creating, editing, file management, importing media and quick keys. Mixing and editing techniques in analog and digital- Mixing console SSL- basic and advanced mixing, signal path and routing, time code, patch bay routing and problem solving. Use of sends, returns, and plug-ins. Configuration, navigation and automation. Loop recording and auditioning. Understanding timescales and setting up time code. Virtual instruments and plug-ins MIDI- Recording, editing and practical applications as well as managing sessions and tracks.



Recording the Band


This is your reward for your time. You book the band, the time and make some magic. Seven days of studio time for the band that you bring in. This is where you test yourself to see if you have what it takes to make it. You can charge the band what you want for studio time to reimburse your tuition. This will be fun and rewarding, but get ready to work!



For me, being a student at Robert Lang has been an amazing opportunity, one which has allowed me to expand my skills and knowledge in a number of areas including recording and audio electronics. I am truly honored and proud to be a part of the team at the studio. The student program has given me the tools to advance to the point where I am now engineering and producing my own sessions at Robert Lang Studios. The student program has been pivotal in giving me this opportunity and has greatly broadened my ability to progress in my field.


John N. Wilson

I am writing in regards to the student program at Robert Lang Recording Studios, a program in which I became involved with on January 8, 2010. I have found that the opportunities that I have been given through my involvement in the program have been nothing but beneficial to the development of my audio engineering skills. Upon meeting with Bob and Paul in November, 2009 about the possibility of enrolling myself in the program, I was advised that quote, “This program is what you make of it… the harder you work, the more you will get out of it,” advice that I have been reminded of numerous times since that day. I took this advice very seriously, and thus far, they were right. The harder I have worked, the further I have advanced myself in the recording industry. Robert Lang Studio continues to play a vital role in the progression of my career as an engineer/producer and I am pleased at the progress that we have made thus far.

Best regards,

Nathan Yaccino.

My name is Jeffery Marshall. I am eighteen years old and I have been enrolled in the student program at Robert Lang Studios for approximately four months. During my time in the student program I have learned a tremendous amount about music recording and the music business in general. The student program has given me many great opportunities to sit in on real recording sessions with professional engineers and musicians. The part of the student program that I have enjoyed the most, however, is spending time with the very friendly people on staff at Robert Lang Studios. They are supportive and answer any questions I have and they are always respectful and polite.

These are honestly some of the nicest people I have ever met in my life. Robert Lang Studios has been a great place for me to learn about music recording because it is a professional environment and I am surrounded by friendly people on staff.

-Jeff Marshall

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