RLS students learn about the process of making professional audio recordings in this hands-on program, using vintage and state of the art equipment in an active studio environment.

Over the course of the one-year program, students will have opportunities to work with bands, professional engineers and producers, and visiting industry leaders in workshops and seminars.

Acquiring the skills of a music engineer and/or producer is an endeavor that cannot be comprehensively fulfilled without immersion in the professional studio setting. From the moment students walk through our doors, they are in the industry!



Students learn in one-on-one sessions with our private instructors and in group sessions with professional engineers throughout their experience at RLS. Our administrators and instructors work closely with each student to ensure progress is made based on the individual’s goals, learning process and timing. Students are encouraged to be proactive in their educational experience by collaborating with their peers, administrators and instructors in the planning of future student sessions and learning opportunities.






The environment of a music recording studio is always changing and evolving depending on the needs of the bands, the producers, the engineers, the equipment, the record labels, and many other factors that reflect the nature of art and business co-existing in each unique project or session. With 40 years of experience and history in the industry, RLS provides students with the technical skills, professionalism and insight they need to be adaptable and resourceful in a variety of situations and settings.






Once students reach a high level of proficiency and RLS Instructors and Administrators feel confident in their ability to operate the equipment safely and effectively, students are given the opportunity to schedule five days of studio time to bring in musicians and act as Engineer and/or Producer for their own professional session(s). This studio time is included in the cost of tuition and is an invaluable, real-life experience for students to put their learning, practice and hard work to the test.



Robert Lang is an icon in the Seattle music scene as well as in the music industry at large. He started building the studio 41 years ago by digging into the hillside with his own hands and by placing each beam, each rock, in its perfect spot. He currently does most of the tech work on a daily basis in the studio and he is an integral part of the student’s day to day experience in the program.

Most importantly, we are a community of music lovers and creators with a need to bring our visions to life. We are a collaborative family that believes in supporting each other to reach our full potential as artists, engineers, producers, studio managers, and overall industry professionals.


Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the RLS Education Program, students will have:

• Learned appropriate studio etiquette
Learned proper mic placement and the basics of acoustics
Multitracked, overdubbed, edited and mixed live performances and electronic music
Multitracked, overdubbed, edited and mixed on analog and digital audio systems
Gained basic to advanced knowledge in Pro Tools 9 & 10
Learned basic soldering and equipment maintenance techniques (optional)
Learned how to adapt to the fast-paced, always changing environment in the studio
Acted as Engineer and/or Producer for their own professional session from start to finish

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact:

Marlie Pesek
RLS Education Program Director
Cell: (425) 268-1455
Studio: (206) 542-1041
Email: marlie@robertlangstudios.com

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